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03 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Mahalakshmi Jaganmatha

This song is a very nice  composition of  Thiru.Papanasam sivan.

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16 August 2011 ~ 6 Comments

Bhairavi – Geetham

Bhairavi is a janya rāgam in Carnatic music (musical scale of South Indian classical music). Though it is a sampoorna rāgam (scale having all 7 notes), it has two different dhaivathams in its scale, and hence is not classified as a melakarta rāgam (parent scale). For Hindustani raga Bhairavi (quite different from the Carnatic ragam), see Bhairavi (music). For the Goddess, see Bhairavi. This is one of […]

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24 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Geetham – Kamboji – Chatusra Jathi Triputa Thaalam

There are numerous references to Raga or Ragini called Kamboji or Kambhoji in ancient Indian musical traditions. Narada’sSangita Makarand (7th to 8th century AD) broadly classifies Ragas into eight subsets and includes three raginis in each subset. In this scheme of classification, Narda accepts raga Kamboji as a mode of Shri raga, the first subset of his scheme […]

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30 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Andal Thiruppavai

Tiruppavai belongs to the Pavai genre of songs, a unique Tamil tradition sung in the context of the Pavai vow observed throughout the month of Margazhi, originally by unmarried girls praying to the Pavai goddess (related to Parvati) for a blissful married life.   Sri Vaishnavas sing these stanzas every day of the year in the temple […]

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24 October 2010 ~ 2 Comments

Raghuvamsa Sudha -Patnam Subramanya Iyer

Patnam Subramania Iyer (1845 – July 31, 1902) was a composer and singer of Carnatic music.                 Subramaniya Iyer followed the traditions of the great composer Tyagaraja. He has left behind almost one hundred compositions.                Subramaniya Iyer was born in Thiruvaiyaru in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. His family had a long   history of musical involvement – his father Bharatam […]

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