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23 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Making of Mridhangam

Mridanga, which means body of clay, is the most ancient and oldest of all percussion instruments. Mridangam is a common instrument which is used in south as an accompaniment to the vocal as well as instrumental performances. In the northern India, mridanga is known as pakhawaj but a slight difference has been observed in both. […]

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19 March 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Violin Style of Parur

Walking down Apparswamy Koil Street, lined with traditional houses interspersed with shops, you realise that Mylapore’s old world charm is still intact. My destination is Door No. 110, the dwelling of violin virtuoso Madras Sundaram Gopalakrishnan, popularly known in music circles as MSG. As you reach the first floor of his home, you spot him […]

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24 January 2011 ~ 1 Comment

About Tabla

Tabla is an instrument to be played very softly makes the sweet Rhythmic Sound.It is almost used in Hindustani Music and sometimes in fusion of  carnatic and devotional songs to support. The smaller drum, played with the dominant hand, is sometimes called dayan (lit. “right”; a.k.a. dāhina, siddha, chattū) but is correctly called the “tabla.” It […]

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