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24 March 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Misra Chapu Demonstration

Thaalam Thaalam refers to the basic recurring unit of rhythm of a composition or an improvised piece. So, it ultimately consists of a set number of beats (or bars as used in Western system of notation). Each beat is called a Maathra. Each Maathra is further subdivided into Aksharams. The number of Aksharams in a […]

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08 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments


                   Generally all of us know that there  are 72 melakarthas in carnatic music.These are basically divided in to 2 parts.That are Suddha madhyama and Pradhimadhyama Ragas.                     Let  us see an example,    Take Kanakangi  i.e.  the first melakartha and Salakam  Thirty seventh melakartha.There is only one difference  that  is Madhyama.                      But there are so […]

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26 November 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Nanubrovamani video

  Badrachala Ramdas                 The temple in Bhadrachalam is closely connected with the life of the 17th century saint composer Kancharla Gopanna who was known as Bhakta Ramadas. Gopanna was the Tahasildar of Bhadrachalam (second half of the 17th century) is said to have utilized money from the government treasury to build this temple, and […]

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