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Sangita Kalanidhi 2018

         Sangita Kalanidhi’ award for 2018 to be given to ‘Chitravina’ Ravikiran

The Music Academy, Madras today announced that ‘Çhitravina’ Ravikiran will receive the ‘Sangita Kalanidhi’ award for 2018.        

          Ravikiran, a musician who displayed his talent from the age of 2, has been consistently presenting chaste music since his early childhood.

           He is a performer, composer, guru and artistic director for North American Melharmonic Honors Orchestra.


            Son and disciple of guru Chitravina Narasimhan, Ravikiran later trained under the veteran musician T. Brinda. He is equally adept in playing Chitravina, a 21 stringed instrument and presenting vocal music.

            He has conducted workshops and learning sessions in India and abroad. His lec-dem sessions are popular for their rich content.

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