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SrisriAnna 80th Jayanthi

The Omnipotent, Omnipresent Lord, the Almighty comes down on this earth from time to time due to his abundant love and grace towards us.This holy land of Bharath has given to this world many avatara purushas since time immemorial. Sri Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj fondly known as Sri.Anna is a combination of all the various facets of all preceeding avadhara purushas. He strives so relentlessly for establishing the greatness of archavatars and restoring their grandeur and splendour that he reminds one of Saint Ramanuja. When he dances down the streets singing aloud the name of the lord and thousands throng around him lost in ecstacy one sees in him Sri Krishna Chaitanya.


His works like Sri Vaishnava samhitha, Sri Brindavana Mahathmyam etc. makes one wonder if he is sage vyasa. He has composed countless beutiful, devotional songs and bhajans like Saint Thyagarajah, Purandaradasar and Jeyadevar. His indepth works on the veda and the upanishad leaves one awestruck reminding one of Sri AdiShankara. His eloquent, passionate, powerfull, moving discourses reminds of Sri.Vallabha and his NamaSiddhantha and works on Nama mahima reminds of Sadguru Bodhendra Swamigal.The RadhaKrishna Yugala Seva he performs takes us to the glorious days of Sri Hithaharivamsa. His very life is divinity personified, so righteous, so simple, yet so complex and his very existence is a constant outpour of love, compassion and grace that one wonders if he is the very Rama or Krishna? So ultimately who is he? Who can contemplate or conclude that? But nothing is ordinary about him. Any number of words fail to describe him. Intelligence, logic, knowledge fail to understand him. But his overwhelming presence & aura is tangible. The heart feels his infinite love. In short he is beyond explanations, he is an experience.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Courtesy : srisrianna.com

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