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‘All things Madras,’ says T M Krishna

If you have to describe TM Krishna in one word, that word will be passionate.

And no, it is not just his music that the Carnatic musician is passionate about, but every other project that he ventures into. For instance, Kalachara Marumalarchi, an organisation that he runs with three other eminent personalities, which aims to revive the tradition of temples being the cultural hubs in towns and villages across Tamil Nadu.

Tm Krishna

Tm Krishna

Talking about the project, Krishna, who will be performing at the Times Chennai Festival this evening, says, “I was inspired to take up this cause after touring Kerala for a series of concerts. In even the smallest of villages, for every temple festival, there will be kathakali, a Carnatic concert or some other traditional concert and a gana mela.”

Elaborating, he adds, “Temples were built not just to be the religious hub of a town, but also economic, cultural and artistic hubs. Unfortunately, in Tamil Nadu, over the last 50-60 years, the cultural activities in temples have completely come down to almost zero. So, my wife Sangeetha Shivakumar and I, along with M Kumar and
K B Chandrashekar, decided to revive and bring back temples as cultural hubs, especially in small towns and villages.”

And Krishna gives another reason on why this is a must. “In Kerala, people are exposed to their traditional art forms from a very early age. I feel this is more important — familiarising young ones with the aesthetics of their traditional arts. Whether they like it later or not depends on their personal tastes that they develop, but you cannot introduce this easily to 30-year-olds.”

And over the last two years, Krishna says this project has really picked up. “We have done festivals in Tiruchendur, Palavedu in Vellore, Tanjore, Kancheepuram and even at the Parthasarathy Temple in Chennai. But our target is to create an exposure in smaller towns and rural areas as everything has, today, become city centric. The most important feedback that we have got is people telling us ‘We have never said we don’t like traditional arts, but we don’t have people reaching out to us to provide us the opportunity to get exposed to them’.”

Talk veers to his plans for today’s concert, and Krishna says that he doesn’t want to give away too much. “But since this is the Madras Week, I want the concert to revolve around the numerous historical, cultural and geographical connections that Carnatic music and Chennai share. However, I would not call this a thematic concert,” he says and signs off.

T M Krishna will be performing at the Chinmaya Heritage Centre this evening at 7 pm. The co-host for the event is Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers.

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