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Lyrics for the varnam Sankarabharanam

Veena Kuppayyar (1798–1860) was an exponent of Veena and a composer of Carnatic music. He was a student of the famous composer Thyagaraja swamigal. Kuppayar composed his songs in language of Telugu (his mother tongue) and has left behind a number of popular kritis. Veena Kuppayya was born in a Telugu Brahmin family in Tiruvottiyur, […]

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Mahalakshmi Jaganmatha

This song is a very nice  composition of  Thiru.Papanasam sivan.   https://soundcloud.com/ramsankar1969/mahalaksmi

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                   Generally all of us know that there  are 72 melakarthas in carnatic music.These are basically divided in to 2 parts.That are Suddha madhyama and Pradhimadhyama Ragas.                     Let  us see an example,    Take Kanakangi  i.e.  the first melakartha and Salakam  Thirty seventh melakartha.There is only one difference  that  is Madhyama.                      But there are so […]

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