19 September 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Swarajathi Bhairavi

This kriti “Amba Kamakshi” was composed on the goddess at Kanchi “Kamakshi” by the great Shyama Sastri. This kriti is a call of the child’s soul to the divine mother “Amba”. Each and every person can relate to this call to the divine. Composition: Kamakshi     Composer: Syama Sastri Raga:  Bhairavi                           Mela: Natabhairavi – 20 Type:  […]

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06 December 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Syama Sastrigal

SYAMA SASTRI (1762 – 1827 )                  Syama Sastri belonged to a Tamil speaking Smartha Vadama Brahmin associated with the worship of Goddess Kamakshi at Kanchi. Owing to the political disturbances in the northern parts, his family, like those of several others, moved to the Cauvery delta, where continuing the noble mission of the great […]

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